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Design that reminds you
why you started      your photography business      in the first place.

[create your life]

[help your people]

[you are the magic]

Every year is like running a new season of your own TV show, right?

You’re the main character in this story and the director all at once (it’s a LOT, like, too much). You’re always dealing with a new cast of clients and life’s unpredictable plot twists (yay?!). Remember your pilot episode when you lost a whole wedding gallery because of a faulty SD card? You survived the bridezilla that haunted you for a few episodes, and of course every now and then, you face the random antagonizing IG comment you’re tagged in or the stress of missing a deadline. Nothing’s easy, but your story is relatable, and your work is important.

Now that you’re a seasoned pro with loyal clients who send new fans your way, it’s time for your own try-on-all-the-cute-outfits montage (Rodeo Drive babyyyy!) transformation. Your biz deserves to look as good as your experience is becoming, and let’s be honest, people do judge a show based on its cover. Cue, the ‘best friend’ character in your  personal dramedy with 90s-chick-flick vibes, me! I can help you turn your one-woman-show into something really magical. Think more obsessed clients, more time for your real life, more money doing what you love. Give me one sec, I’ll order us a pizza.


“Take the time to capture your life in photographs, it’s so important!” . . . you tell all your clients, but you don’t even have time to be present in most of your own day to day life – sound painfully familiar?

It’s fun to realize you can make money doing something creative until it’s not fun...the way the world is going, it’s like we’re stuck in a binge-watching kind of mode, not in a good way.

The demand to create content, to please the Google and Instagram gods, to give instant personal attention to the 9pm client texts, it's overwhelming to say the least.


Design is a tool to put the message out there that you’re a HUMAN, not a robot. It helps you quickly make that soul-level connection with people that'll value the YOU part of your services.

The magic of a personal brand and real human connection doesn’t come from being totally run over by these technological demands. And let’s be real, you need the ‘living’ part of life to stay inspired.


I wanna get you back to taking time off when you need it or when you freaking feel like taking it. I want to build you a brand & website that gets you away from your computer. Now that's an irony that feels good.

Sooo, why Good Witch?

Because just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you already have the answers inside of you to do whatever you’re meant to do. You just need a little guidance to see that you can do it!
Here, we’ll imagine that anything is possible.

I can tell that if you’re here right now, you're a believer. A believer in at least one thing and probably more. I’m guessing you believe in (pick whatever word you like) the universe, God, the force (Star Wars fans?! anyone?), a magic so-to-speak. And you probably believe in yourself. I’m a HUGE believer in YOU and all that you can do in this lifetime beyond your website.

An investment in design like this prepares your biz to be easier to work for (imagine future employees knowing your brand's mission + brand files); it makes your biz recognizable (imagine people remembering you from IG, eagerly reaching out); it makes your biz shareable (imagine client referrals and their inquiries piling up); I think what I'm trying to say is, it makes your life easier.

Can I tell you a secret you already know?

The time, money, happiness, freedom you’re looking for comes from simplicity – niching down. It’s true. And for some reason, us ‘artful entrepreneurs’ know this and still want to do it all, because ‘why not!?’


Well, the ‘why not?’ quickly leads to life being a circus. Trust me from my personal experience and from working with other photographers that got more specific, your business can be a magic show if you focus in a little more.

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