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My not-so-glamorous journey here, but I'm so grateful for it

Long story to be shared later but Good Witch has been years in the making, and I wanted to share the bullet points here for at least the launch of it.

  • I was always a 'music and arts' girl as my parents would say, crafting, drawing, playing piano and flute

  • I was an A student all the way through high school, prepping for college, then I met my now husband Matt in AP Music Theory and started sneaking into his art class (it had been years since I did art myself)

  • I fell back in love with art and OBVIOUSLY Matt, he was sooooo cute in high school

  • I graduated from University of Connecticut's design program which was super scrappy and started freelancing before beginning my first job at a mid-size agency in Chicago

  • I came back to CT (missed Matt too much) and the East Coast... worked for a smaller agency then the in-house design team at Travelers Insurance

  • I really liked working for a brand and continued freelancing on the side to help smaller brands

  • I was super sick for awhile with no diagnosis in sight; Matt and I broke up, I was broken health-wise and heart-wise; finally got answers a year and a half later...I was SO lucky to just have a rare malignant tumor robotically removed in NYC, I escaped chemo; Matt hauled a large painting of a rainbow that I fell in love with years ago from a small shop in Portsmouth, NH, all the way to the hospital for me post-surgery...we got back together <3

  • Matt and I got our first puppy Juniper and got engaged

  • We planned for our wedding but my favorite aunt passed away from stage 4 cancer (my dad's sister), and then shortly thereafter my dad found cancer and went through intense chemo which changed everyone's plans; in that life-is-strange way, my tumor prepped us on how to handle

  • I was so grateful that he made it out of that, and Matt and I wed the winter following his summer treatments, in Vermont (which was fitting since we usually go away on trips in the winter time anyways)

  • These events really changed who I was as a person and how I handled things...

  • I decided to keep freelancing while working a full-time design job, and we bought a house which as they say, is a never-ending project

  • We got out second puppy Fisher (Junie's actual brother, just different litter)

  • Matt has been running his own company with his dad, Magnum Homes, while I finally transitioned to full-time as Kat Cosma, LLC

  • The pandemic hit and everything was weird...haha, put lightly, right?

  • I felt a metaphorical connection to Glinda/the Wizard of Oz and wanted to switch my biz name to Good Witch, so I started planning things

  • I've been working with amazing people especially over the last few years who are excited by art and design and their work and wanting create their lives to be what they want

  • I'm excited to introduce Good Witch as my permanent digital home where I can continue to help others live their dreams by design!!

This is kind of the visual journey – messy and candid but this was how it really looked as I've grown. Like I said above, I want to come back here in case sharing anything I've learned can help someone else. So stay tuned for more!

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