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There should be no place like your digital home. Your brand and website needs to set you apart, feel like you, and quickly connect you on a soul-level with your clients before they even reach out.

The better your online home becomes, the more you get to enjoy your real home with your real people. Get a website that works so you can work less.

Custom doesn't have to mean complicated...

You just need the right designer to marry your dreams (style and vibe) with reality (pixels and platform). Because I’ve worked with so many photographers for years now, I know exactly what needs to be in this package...I’m not here to try to upsell you on things you don’t need. 

You might even be surprised by what you get out of working together because my packages are more than just design. You’ll get a listening ear, a sounding board, a new pair of fresh eyes, a hands-on creative partner that'll likely end up a long distance friend and a big fan of your biz forever!


Here's to all my fellow perfectionists...

Done is better than perfect.

Done really well is better than done perfectly.

Things are changing faster and's better to put yourself out there now and pivot as needed.

Photog packages

Branding + Full Showit Website for Photographers
Starts at $7000

We’ll set a foundation together and build the digital home of your dreams. This package includes:




  • Very human-centered approach, function + feeling

  • You'll personally work with me throughout the process

  • All communication is in Honeybook + Instagram as needed

  • Direction board so you can choose visual direction that feels right to you

  • Curated font selection based on your taste

  • MarkUp used for edit comments + Loom video capability so feedback is easy

  • Main logo mark

  • Alternative logo mark (ex: with tagline)

  • Submark

  • Email signature mark

  • 2 rounds of revisions per each mark

  • Colors

  • Fonts

  • 6 custom pages designed from scratch and built for you in Showit platform; 2 rounds of revisions per page

  • Complimentary coming soon page

  • Desktop and mobile UX

  • Help with blog setup or blog migration

  • Contact form integration or custom form built if needed

  • Basic SEO done for you like image file names, page titles, text tags, etc.

  • Help with domain connection

Sooo, is this the right package for you?

If you’re sick of DIYing, switching templates and designers, and you don’t have time to do this all yourself and/or you know it's not your area of expertise, this package gives you all the support and design you need!

Timing and availability

I book a few projects every month, 1-2 months in advance. So please reach out when you feel like you could jump into this process a month or two after we chat and you see a proposal. I can sometimes accommodate rush projects with a fee.


“Ahh! I’m so exciteddd but overwhelmed on where to start and what I would need for this...”

What to Gather

Don't worry!! Here's a list of the things you’ll need to gather before we work tgogether. They’re 100% due two days before we start our project so I can get to you know better. Let me help your prep for these things now, it doesn’t need to feel overwhelming last second or if you’re not sure where to start. =)


You'll actually start the questionnaire as soon as you inquire – it tells me more about you, your business, your goals, your taste in design, etc. It also includes a spot for you to paste a link to your Pinterest board, which you should fill up with anything and everything that feels like the right vibe/aesthetic for what you're looking to do with your own branding/website. Usually 20-50 pins helps me see a pattern and gauge your taste before I even start designing. If you don't know where to start, check out my own Pinterest boards that are set up by mood/vibe. You can always repin some of those ideas to start.


I would definitely encourage you to work with an actual copywriter if you can afford the investment before design – they are word magicians! Every site I've built where the client had just gotten their copy done professionally, the design felt easier and the user experience felt just that much more personal to not only the client themselves but to the client's audience, who is trying to decide if they should book them or not. Ideally you'll get copy done a few months before you do design or right before our project starts together. Copy is due by the start date. It's also ok if you don't work with a copywriter – in that case, I'll have you fill in my copywriting guide with all the words you want on each page. Once the new site launches, you could always go back and work with a copywriter who can then work around the design, and elevate your language/messaging even more. My go-to copywriter is Rachel and her team at, they are the besttttt.


You'll need pull 50-150 photos of your recent work (or past time favorites that come to mind and still represent your style well) that I can choose from. I would also HIGHLY recommend you take new photos of yourself so I can have those for the about page and wherever we want them in the design. Fresh photos make a huge difference!! When trying to decide what those look like, just keep in mind your style/taste. Or we can chat before you sign on if you'd like to brainstorm ideas and the art direction for them. =)


Once you sign the proposal and do the deposit, I'll send you a quick questionnaire to gather your personal login information which I'll keep secure on my end. You'll need to have your domain host login, website platform login (if not Showit), and then eventually a Showit login for me.


FAQs, aka time to read your mind, jk, but here’s some answers to the questions in your head

Do you just work with photographers?

I mostly do yes – by niching down, it's helped me (and is still helping me) to more specifically improve my work flow and solve my client's problems in terms of branding and design. But I do occasionally take on other artful-vibed, boutique-sized businesses. The process is a little more custom to you, get the details here.

I really want to work together but I'm worried about switching platforms and losing SEO or blog posts, is that a problem?

Besides that design is a bigger investment, this is one of the top concerns understandably because of the world we live in – we have to please Google, search engines, etc. Showit's team offers free migration of any blog posts you already have to your new current site so you don't lose those. Your design will be housed within Showit's backend basically and your posts will be in a new 'Wordpress account by Showit' so you're getting the best of both worlds. You can take advantage of the world's favorite blog platform as well as the customization capabilities in Showit. The switch is worth it in the long run whether you're super tech savvy or not. I set up basic page titles, text tags, file image names correctly for search engines, etc. and with that clients do just fine after the switch! If you do rely more heavily on Google/search traffic versus word-of-mouth referrals or IG, then I would for sure encourage you to stay proactive post-launch and blog more, as well as update images and any copy you need every 3-6 months so it's fresh when Google crawls your site. Need help blogging? Check out my friend Heather's Blogging for Photographers post here and the services she offers.

I love your style of design but I'm hesitant to reach out yet because I feel like I'm not sure about my own style/design aesthetic...any advice?

Totally, so you'll know better than anyone when you're ready to take the leap and invest in design but there are a few signs that it might be too early for you. If you really are trying out a lot of different shooting styles, editing styles, types of shoots, then you probably will have a hard time narrowing down a look that works with all of it. If you're mid-pivoting from one type of service/shoot to another, it also might be too early. When you feel like you are shooting a lot of the same thing (and you like that), you're becoming known or sought out for your editing style/experience/etc, that's a great time to put good design to work for you so it can do some of the heavy lifting of attracting the more of the right clients for you while you're doing the work. My clients usually know the 2-3 adjectives most of their clients would describe them as, they're excited about the Pinterest board assignment because they already have visual ideas that come to mind, and they're open to seeing what ideas I can bring to the table as well.

Do you offer any templates?

Not at this time, no sorry! =) Maybe someday in some form, but I really do feel like custom design ultimately serves you best when you're ready for it. I do now offer branding + 'starter' websites with fewer pages if you're dying to get a new look going, and you know you'll return pretty quickly for the rest of the pages you need but you're sick of and/or embarrassed of your current site or lack thereof. See the details on that package here.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! If you want to pay in full, that's cool (and there's a small discount if you do!) but if you want to spread payments out, it's a 30% deposit, and the rest is broken up into 2-3 payments.

Why the name Good Witch?

I have to admit I love movies and shows – the magic of them, ahhh!! So as I was working with clients over the last few years, I just noticed the parallel of how a lot of my clients sort of already know the answers to what they're looking for, they just need someone to guide them and help them see the answers, very similar to how Glinda the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz, doesn't just give Dorothy answers to her problems, she simply helps her realize that she knew the answer to her problems all along. I hope to be that guide for you so you can have a brand + website that really reflects and empowers you!

Am I the right client for you?

My clients and I tend to be the kind of people that want to pass down the simple skills of having a real conversation, sharing a good meal, making and keeping friends in real life, capturing memories in photographs or super 8 films; we can agree to disagree, we respect everyone no matter what and see value in others. We have a sense of humor, the desire to create and play and wonder and wander and support each other's dreams. We see technology as an amazing tool but we know that human-ness is greater, it's more important...old is just interesting as new. And we believe in something bigger than ourselves, we believe in magic in some form, and we love to inspire others to feel it too.

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